Jim is unique in that he is a businessman first and a mountaineer second. He relates his significant business experience to climbing Everest and the mountains in one’s life both organizationally and individually.

Audiences on four Continents have, since 1988, recognized the relevance and importance of The Right Mountain messages to their organizational and individual lives.

The Right Mountain presentation is about climbing a mountain…not mountain climbing. It is the riveting story of Jim Hayhurst Sr. and his son’s Mount Everest climb. The story is dramatic,     the message inspirational. The metaphors are compelling. And the lessons it offers stay with you long after the story is over.

Jim takes you on the expedition, across surging rivers, over treacherous ice fields. He describes life threatening experiences that affected each member of the team, the critical choices that had to be made, and the lessons that were learned as a result.

More than an adventure story, The Right Mountain is a graphic illustration of what it means to be successful in terms that are right for the individual and the organization.

Leaders and teams who are facing ordinary, or extra-ordinary, challenges will all find relevant messages as Jim delivers this poignant message with energy, humor and passion.