Career and Motivational Expert, Philanthropist,
two time bestselling author. Ad man. Mountaineer.

Jim Hayhurst, Sr. is the founder of The Right Mountain inc. and an internationally-recognized inspirational speaker who has helped thousands to unlock their career and lite potential.

For more than fifteen years, Jim owned and ran one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies, which he sold to Saatchi & Saatchi in 1985. Since then, his career center and corporate consulting group have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the world define and achieve success.

Jim’s first book, The Right Mountain: Lessons from Everest on the Real Meaning of  Success, was the product of his 1988 Mount Everest climb. The book is now available in seven languages and was a bestseller in several countries, including Canada.

Jim is incredibly passionate about helping people find fulfillment and success in their lives. In 1992, he confounded Trails Youth Initiatives, a program for youth-at-risk, now a fully accredited four-year program and school located north of Toronto from which over 200 youth have graduated.

His new book, Where Have I Gone Right? The Right Mountain Guide to Getting the Job and Life You Want, published in 2004, combines powerful stories from his Everest and business experiences with a practical, engaging career workbook.

Jim is a father of three resident in Toronto, Canada and Naples, Florida.

For me, it all comes back to helping people squeeze more satisfaction out of life. Allegorically, I think of myself as a Wagon Master from the old west, using my experience and skills to help people cross unknown territories to fulfill their dreams. There’s nothing better then having individuals hear our presentations, read our books and participate in one of our workshops and say, “Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.”